Our story, Ab Ovo

We registered Ptara.com in 2009, to be used as a sort of online business card for our film production services.   I had another company, but we were looking at rebranding more for the youth market.  I took on the brand Ptara for some of my freelance work.

Ptara was a year old then.  She hatched out of a Plasticine egg in 2008, to appear in her first music video, Reptile for The Emperor’s of Japan.

Before the music video, she was part of a bed time story which I told my children to help them fall asleep.  It didn’t work, they laughed too much.  Then, she made her way to the page, as a concept, a screenplay and series of logos.  But, until the band green-lighted our video, she was just our little secret, a story that a few children knew.

A few children?  A similar prehistoric reptile (I’d like to say dinosaur, but technically she’s a pterosaur) appeared in my day dreams when I was a child, and in stories I wrote and told.  I even had a toy of that pterosaur, that mysteriously vanished one day somewhere on the road between Texas and Colorado.  I just didn’t know that her name was Ptara until my own children heard the stories.

Some say Ptara flew away to Wales, to wait for me here.  Others might think she flew to the almost mythical village of Ptara, or Pteria, which historians think lies somewhere on the mid-eastern plains of modern day Turkey.  Still others think of her as “just” an idea, a zeitgeist, but ideas are most powerful creatures of all.

Ptara has always been about the things I love: Science, film, history, imagination, storytelling, and good old fashioned values that predate humanity itself.

As was said by Thomas Paine, we have the power to reinvent the world.  Ptara is part of that power.

We took many detours down the road, influenced by our network, by our interests, by our sometime lack of resources.  This included a history blog, the 2012 timeline, and finally the production of our first feature film, which we ended up calling Dara Says.  Perhaps that title came from Ptara flying up somewhere near the Ara constellation.

To make that film required a lot more paperwork than a simple music video.  We needed to be a limited company, and in January 2013 Ptara.com went from being my personal blog to the webpage of Ptara Ltd.

From that moment, we’ve had requests for our expertise from lands further than Ptara has ever flown.  We began offering to help other film production companies with their paperwork, so they could free up their time to make their imagination a reality.

Ptara is not merely a figment of my imagination, she’s much more than that.  She is imagination.  She’s creativity personified, and perhaps now incorporated too.