Hello.  Welcome to the former website of Ptara in the UK.

Mae flyn da fi, The old site is gone.

We have moved, literally.  Sorry, you won't find us in Aberystwyth anymore.   Ptara is more international now, so we won't be using the co.uk much.

Should you still wish to reach us, you can try the Ptara.com website, which will be updated more often.

ptara logo

Hwyl.  Croeso am y hen website Prydanaedd o Ptara.  Hen?  Iawn, y website hen ydy gwyl.

Nu doeth ddim yn Aberystwyth nawr.  Ydy Ptara yn international nawr.  Felly, y co.uk ddim yn iawn nawr.

Os wch chi yn eisia bellen ni, trio Ptara.com.  Mae e'n rhy Newydd.

Thank you for visiting Ptara.co.uk

Diolch am mynd ar ptara.co.uk

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