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Why your website’s survey sucks.

segments of questions, what did you... first time, weekly, every mon... How would you descri... would to a friend? On a scale of on to...ow would you rate the... over Ptara logoSo, as we’ve said last time, time is money.  Your readers might know this, and therefore be unwilling to give a survey after they found what they need, right?

Well, more and more, I’m being asked to answer surveys on almost every website I visit (especially media and government websites.)

These are usually put at the worst possible time, so I’m tempted to just tick “a” for each box without even reading it.  And, I bet most people do.

Now, if you want an honest answer to your questions, rather than the multiple choice options, here they are. Continue reading Why your website’s survey sucks.

Giving constructive advice

Part of consulting, or teaching, or in some ways planning, is advising others on a course of action.

You may know someone who smokes, or have an employee who doesn’t follow the health and safety procedure.  Or, maybe you just want to motivate someone who’s not living up to their potential.

  1. People can change, have faith in that.  Prove that you know they can change for the better by reminding them of times when they did things right.  Provide a positive role model in the person themselves.
  2. Take time to observe and listen.  Find out why they are doing what they are doing.
  3. Act on what you can improve yourself.  Perhaps you could offer to run alongside a friend, or have a motivated team member take time out to work alongside one who needs motivation.  It’s usually easier to make a change when there’s support.
  4. Relate any stories, especially personal ones, that may inspire personal change.  You could talk about a time when you struggled with a similar issue and overcame that.  Or, you could talk about a time when you got hurt because someone else wasn’t watching where they were going.
  5. Assemble a plan of action.  This should take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If there’s a message you want to get across to a large number of people, we at Ptara can help people visualize change with films and videos.   If you’d like help creating a plan of action, we can do that through our consulting services.

Hopefully, you can deal with most issues quickly without our help.  But, if you think we can help, please feel free to contact us.

The Ptara Christmas message

Every year, around the world, heads of state give Christmas messages.  The first time a British Monarch gave such a speech was 1932, when George V said the following.  (If you are patriotic, British, and love history, then this might bring tears to your eyes. Otherwise, it might help you sleep.)

So, what do we at Ptara have to say this Christmas?

Well, viewing the media of the past year, both left and right wing, both highbrow and tabloid, has taught me one thing. There’s more historical proof for the existence of Santa Claus than there is for most of the “events” the have moved history, and that includes the lies and rumours of our time. Continue reading The Ptara Christmas message

Mountains Out of Molehills

Mountains out of molehills


Mountains out of molehills
First published on Social Media: Mar 1, 2016

I had many titles for this post. The ass-u-mers, The Bore Who Cried Adolf, A Pipe is just a Pipe, but most of them were, well, a bit hyperbolic.

Anyway, take a look at the image above for a few seconds, and register in your head what it is.

Done that? Good, now scroll down so you can’t see it.

Done that too? Good, now get out a piece of paper and a pencil and see if you can draw the image from memory. This isn’t a test of artistic skills, just see if you remember what the image was of.

Have you finished with that? How well did you remember the image? Continue reading Mountains Out of Molehills

The Disaster Artist (review)

At Ptara, I directed two microbudget feature films. Make that nanobudget.

One had a crew of two (excluding the three actors, who also crewed, and a few kids who helped out on sound one day), the other was basically me editing a large variety of footage to make it coherent. There were challenges in both, and everyone learned a lot.  And, what these films lack in production values is made up for in performance and story line.

By contrast, Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” had a budget that was about 1000 times either of my films.  He worked with much more expensive kit and a more experienced cast and crew. Yet, “The Room” was filled with continuity errors, bad acting, and an incoherent plot.

Continue reading The Disaster Artist (review)

Review: WPR rebuttal

“SenatorJPO” appeared to be going places.  He was an honours student at Wisconsin’s finest Universities, with a BA and MA to his name.  Then he graduated and appeared to be lost in the reality of underemployment.

He’s now taking on the educational establishment, as well as public radio, with his own public service radio show.  For two hours every Friday, SenatorJPO gives a his “rebuttal” to the information (or misinformation) supplied by the WPR radio station run by the university. Continue reading Review: WPR rebuttal