Let’s tell a story

At Ptara, we tell stories in all mediums. We started using actual film stock, the kind that gets ruined within moments from being exposed to sunlight.

We remember the days of photocopied newsletters, when digital tape and email seemed exciting and when some people doubted whether they’d catch on.  As children, these inventions were exciting to us, as was each new book and toy that became a film or tv show.

Then, we started having to pay the bills, and it seemed that telling stories was unrealistic.  That was until we discovered what we could do with training videos.

Our team have worked as runners, extras, and in retail jobs were training videos are used.  We have training from recognised skillset universities, and we’ve learned from some of the best known gurus in the film and game industry.

We might not be able to tell a story on the fly, but we know how to fine tune one.  If you need help fine tuning your story, and you’re ready to hire a qualified and trained professional, the  go ahead and give Ptara a ring.