Feature length schedule and budget

spreadsheet on laptop, calendar, coins and bill, script breakdown, and other elements related to scheduling and budgeting a film
Some of the things we use to schedule and budget a movie. Photo taken by V de Sousa in Ptara’s Aberystwyth office.

It is possible to write a production schedule and budget solely based upon a script.

If you have a storyboard or other elements of audio visual design, these would help to specify things and may speed up the budgeting process.

Of course, the final budget depends upon factors such as star salaries and inflation.  We may ask whether you know who your cast is, and whether you’ve decided upon a location.  If you don’t know the answer to these questions yet, don’t worry, we’ll write out which assumptions we’ve made and leave room for change.

We make our budgets and schedules adjustable, as we know that changes can happen for creative, economic or practical reasons.

These are tailored to each production, and depending upon the complexity of the project can take 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Scheduling and budgeting prices vary, from 5,995 to schedule and budget a one and a half hour modern day drama, to 7,995 to schedule and budget a three hour historical epic.

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